Gov’t of Sindh reduces wheat Rs 25 per 100 kg sack

Wheat Price in Pakistan | Wheat Rates in PakistanPrices in PakistanKarachi (Friday, December 02, 2016): Today Gov’t of Sindh reduces wheat Rs 25 per 100 kg sack in whole sindh. Flu mill owners, the government announced a reduction in the prices of wheat and flour in Sindh province for approval. The government had last month auraty prices of wheat in Punjab Pakistan Flour Mills Association nasrabdallh South Zone Chairman Chaudhry.

That there was a risk of zaydqymtun due to grow wheat and flour shipments from Punjab Food Department to the Association in the context of Sindh on Wednesday 100 kg per sack of 3250 reduced the price of 25 rupees shortage of wheat 3275 , across Sindh flour Mills has reduced the price of 1910 per 50 kg sack of flour, 10 kg the price of 387 rupees, 1985 50 klubury flour and fine flour sack klubury cost Rs 50 per Rs 1985 after the decision.

Ch nasrabdallh that the food department had averted the risk of delivery of wheat uaty the Punjab wise decision of Sindh and enhance the removal of the wheat from the warehouses of Sindh, of which the wheat of 10 million tonnes in the public warehouses March 15, 2017, the new season 5 million tons of wheat will be lifted, thus 4 to 5 million tonnes of wheat in the warehouses of the Indus child until the arrival of the new season.


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