Govt Reduces petrol price by Rs.2 per liter

ISLAMABAD (01st Sep, 2018): The federal government on Friday reduced petroleum prices by as a lot as Rs6 for the month of September, in accordance to a notice. The price of petrol was reduced by Rs2.41 delivering it down to Rs92.83 per liter. High speed diesel price went down by Rs. 6.37, after which it will be available to people at Rs106.57 per liter.Govt Reduces petrol price by Rs.2 per liter

The rate of kerosene oil was decreased by 46 paisas, bringing it to Rs. 83.50 per litre. Light diesel’s price had been walked down by 59 paisas, moving it to Rs75.96 per liter.

The new prices will be implemented from on Saturday 31st August night.


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