Industrial sector’s waste Management is responsible of Site Limited

KARACHI (3/18/2019): Dr. AD Sajani, MD of Sindh Solid West Management Board has said that the industrial waste raising site from industrial areas is responsible for the organizers of the industrialization site. Sindh forms solid waste management board

Managing Director Dr. AD Saujani said that the institutions receiving the taxes from the industries are responsible for taking industrial rigging from industrial areas.

We have done this before the work of modern science.

For the purpose, the Febrilities has been preparing to be later handed over to the Sindh Solid West Management Board, the task of raising through a service agreement.

He further added that the complete treatment plant will be installed for industrial waste to be properly deployed, it is also clear that the responsibility of cleaning and raising the private areas of private society is their own, while external Taking relief from the area is the responsibility of Sindh Solid West Management Board.


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